Unicorn Aerospace

Unicorn Aerospace is committed to development of advanced aerospace technologies in order to maximize revenue stream growth potential into the respective markets of the private commercial and public military sectors.

Unicorn Aerospace is making the following material available for review for respective market leaders and qualified parties of interest to submit proposals for achievement of expanded global patent protection to secure maximum global market proprietary control during technology development.

Aerospace Warfare Integration Technology

Modern aerospace warfare requires a fully integrated technology that allows for an interchangeable fusion of manned and unmanned aerospace platforms intertwined with advanced strategic navigation and targeting encryption systems that is standardized throughout the entire warfare infrastructure from the ground fighter to the Commanding Chiefs of Staff.

Our technologies, which are protected as per United States and or Canadian Patent Laws as owned by Unicorn Aerospace, achieve the afore mentioned modern aerospace warfare requirement.

Unicorn Aerospace is dedicated to the highest standards of market accountability and actively participates with and assists law enforcement officials to maintain market transparency.

Unicorn Aerospace is dedicated to the development of multi leveled social media projects in conjunction with G2 NET and to the development of international human rights law enforcement through ASOVE and to the raising of funds for international humanitarian development ventures.

Andre D. Milne


UNITI Projection

The UNICORN Encryption is the next generation of advanced strategic navigation targeting technology that is a 3D fusion of the current universal time marker index with the Pythagorean geometry used in 2D navigation operations on a fractal format that replaces numbers with alphabetic phonetics to achieve an unbreakable real time navigation targeting system for all aspects of the entire warfare infrastructure from special operations missions to strategic nuclear targeting encryptions.


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The XIAL Jet Mk 1 is a hybrid manned fighter interceptor and unmanned precision targeting elimination platform for zero collateral damage effectiveness. The XIAL Jet Mk 1 is capable of extreme STOL and or VTOL capabilities by way of the restructuring of the air intake scoop directly over the leading edge of the airfoil that results in aerodynamic lift being generated without the XIAL Jet Mk 1 platform having the same forward motion requirements to achieve aerodynamic lift as conventional platforms of previous generation design. The manned cockpit configuration is capable of enhancing the pilots ability to endure higher G Forces during aerial combat and ensures pilot survivability and extraction recovery during ejection.


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The ARC G1 is the next generation of advanced ballistic projectile that enhances the range and accuracy of any ballistic projectile from small arms of the ground war fighter to precision targeting elimination UAV’s to heavy naval artillery.


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